Our History

It would be in 1928 when Carmelo Molina, an ice cream that came originally from Valencia to Granada summers to sell ice cream with your shopping and where finally be established, which would start with this tradition, making ice cream with a base of honey, ice and fruit .

On 22 May 1932, "the day of Santa Rita", begin to manufacture and sell their own ice-cream in Plaza Nueva.

Now with the second generation and years later, in 1984, Corpus, would open another new store in Catholic Kings Street, near Puerta Real.

It would be in 1995 when it decided to move the factory to Mercagranada facilities. The name comes from La Perla because from the beginning they wanted to compare the product made ​​with quality raw materials with a jewel.

Today is already the third generción of ice cream by ice cream this traditional brand, introducing new improvements in quality, manufacturing processes and quality control, in order to develop a quality ice cream even more if possible .