Treat every customer as unique.

Never before consumers were more concerned about their food, increasingly linked health and quality of life, explains Maria Jose Garzon, commercial director.

Therefore Ice La Perla in purpose of innovation and continuous improvement has created its flagship product: frozen yogurt with active milk enzymes that helps you take care of your intestinal flora.

Although we can not forget the classic flavors no less important as Mexico vanilla, Sicilian pistachio, cocoa from Venezuela, Ethiopia Moka Harrar, fresh strawberries, nougat Jijona supreme.

Ice La Perla also offers a line of 0% fat or low in calories, with them we find the line of flavors for diabetics and celiacs.

The company works with five-star hotels, which develops new and exotic flavors like rose petals, jasmine, orange blossom and the great ability to customize customer demands, creating unique flavors.