Speaking of gelato, we talk about quality, an ice cream made ​​with milk, cream, fruit, chocolate, etc. ... quality raw materials and powders, essences or concentrates flavor industrial << flavor... >>

Every time I try one of our varieties, will appreciate the creaminess, and incredible soft texture, exquisite fresh fruit aroma and richness of nuances that characterizes it. Pearl develops natural products, no artificial colors or preservatives, making your ice cream the best food for their nutritional, particularly calcium and vitamins.

Tradition and innovation: the pleasure of quality.

Engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of ice cream along with other products such as yogurt and blue cheese cream, Ice Cream Pearl triumphs in the sector, thanks to the quality and innovation of their products.

Ice La Perla include a team of professionals specializing in the food industry, quality control and customer service.

We present a technical advisory service and commercial. The success of this company lies in the daily effort to give the customer what they deserve, is to say it is good value for money, explains José Alberto Molina manager of the company.